Frequently Asked Questions…

Strength: Do magnets lose their magnetism?

No they don’t unless exposed to the close proximity of another very significantly stronger magnet, which affects the fridge magnet’s poles. The simple answer is: NO

Price: Are there any hidden costs?

NO(the quote says it all)

Payment: How do I pay for my magnets?

EFT. 50% on placement of your order. Balance on despatch from our factory.

Delivery: How long does it take?

unless otherwise stated on the quotation, 7 to 10 working days from signed off artwork.

Delivery cost: How do I know how the delivery cost will be?

You don’t. Delivery is free.

Colours: What do extra colours cost?

: One size fits all. We print CMYK(ie. Full colour). Always. Even if the image looks black. Its printed out of all the colours. So don’t worry about colours.

Quality: we assume you’re refering to the print quality.

We print using the highest end printing presses (Indigo & litho). So the image quality is limited only by the file quality we’re working with.