In-packet Booklets

This product concept has delivered superb results for participating brands over the years. Rarely has a product produced a zero failure rate, as this one has. Makes for a cost effective alternative to traditional media (TV, radio, print etc.) with a potential wide reach.

  • Flexible size and configuration that easily accommodates all brands.
  • This is both a branding and an information tool.
  • Can be employed to deliver multiple benefits simultaneously (product detail, recipes, coupon, competition etc).
  • Highly targeted.
  • A superb device to help drive traffic to a website.
  • In terms of value-for-money, what really makes this concept stand out, is its free distribution potential.
  • Depending on the quantity, an 8-page full colour booklet (z-folded to 100mm x 70mm) costs as little as R0.25 per unit.
  • Companies can measure effectiveness by means of competition entries; coupons redeemed; and increased sales.
  • This product comes standard individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags.

Success Story: Alpen Foods sold 10 times more Nutrific packs on a monthly basis than Alpen Muesli. As a result, Mango Moon proposed inserting a booklet into the 450g Nutrific pack to promote Alpen Muesli. The booklet was inserted into 600,000 packs of Nutrific which went into selected outlets during October, November and December. Nutrific volumes were 16.5% higher for the October to December period than the previous three months. More importantly, Alpen Muesli sales grew by 32.3% over the same period.

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