Magnetic License Discs

Having sold large numbers of magnetic licence discs since we developed them in 2005, this Mango Moon original product continues to be a customer favorite. Our magnetic licence discs offer a revolutionary, two-piece, licence disc that solves the on-going problem car owner’s experience, i.e. the sticky glue residue left on windscreens with license renewal.

  • Magnetic licence discs offer leaflet insert opportunities. Both SA and Zimbabwe options are available.
  • Branding lives with the consumer every day the vehicle is driven.
  • High resolution printing will ensure quality representation of your brand.
  • Due to its low unit cost, it offers excellent value for money.
  • Unlike their self-adhesive competitors, whose lifespan is no more than 12 months, these licence disc holders carry on promoting your brand year after year.
  • This product is individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags, which are ideal to accommodate a paper leaflet/flyer with the magnet. Providing an excellent means for communicating additional information – ideal for product information, a menu, promotions and competitions.

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