Magnetic Mini Whiteboard & 3-in-one Marker Pen

Over the years, Mango Moon has produced and sold millions of these units because this product provides a useful benefit in addition to the branding opportunity. Fast food franchises in particular have used magnetic whiteboards to great effect in give-away promotions. Our range is designed to offer usefulness and convenience. Build brand recognition that leads to repeat business.

  • Wide range of sizes and shapes, with great branding opportunities.
  • Used frequently, magnetic whiteboards offer an effective route to have branding incorporated into the daily experience.
  • The versatile 3-in-1 marker pen is a useful accompanying item, which is always available, magnetically attached to the fridge door. Colours are available in quantities above 10,000 units.
  • The unit cost of this package offers some of the best value for money available.
  • Board and pen are individually packed (in sets) into a sealed clear cellophane bag, this provides an ideal package to accommodate a paper leaflet/flyer, adding additional brand value to the pack.


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