Desktop Products

Desktop products are tried and tested promotional items, that offer fantastic and almost immediate customer satisfaction. Through your custom designs and our high quality print, we can enhance your brands awareness.

We offer desktop products in the form of promotional or branded mouse pads and decorative desk mats. Mango Moon was in fact South Africas first producer of promotional mouse pads in 1994. So we know desktop products.


Still a firm favourite in the promotional industry, we offer unmatched pricing per unit of rubber based mousepads. With almost every home and workplace now having access to a computer and mouse, the potential of building brand awareness with a mousepad is unparalleled.

We offer different shapes and sizes to suit your business needs and budget, so get in touch today to see how we can assist you with branded or promotional mousepads.


Consider these to be giant mousepads. An excellent promotional gift idea for customers or as a business use. These low cost per unit items can be produced in various shapes, are highly flexible and offer great brand awareness opportunities.

CREATIVE IDEA: To maximise the use of our high quality print and surface size of the desk mat, many clients have used it for personalised or promotional gaming mats, restaurant place mats or as counter mats for your shop or businesses counters to catch customers eyes.

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