Fridge Magnets

Consistent visibility is powerful in brand marketing and the kitchen is one of the most functional areas with high visibility spaces. The fridge is one of these line of sight spaces, which if leveraged correctly, through effective messaging or design via fridge magnets, can offer real returns on your brands promotional needs.

Mango Moon specializes in crafting high quality fridge magnets that meet your business objectives and budgetary needs. Our professional team and machinery, have the ability to custom print large fridge magnet orders or small bespoke orders. We aim to help you to deliver your brands unique advertising or promotional campaign into the home environment, in a cost effective manner.

To get your brand or promotional fridge magnet, click on the get a quote button, and we will be in touch.

CREATIVE IDEA: Fridge magnets can be small and flat which makes them ideal for promotional giveaways and as pack or publication inserts. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a solid messaging focus to make a big impact. Make use of our Flow-wrapping services to keep them safe in transport.


  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any objective and budget.
  • Large-scale volumes of fridge magnets available.
  • Supply and quality is consistent and excellent.
  • Glue bonding process.
  • In-house design studio and die-cutting equipment expertise.
  • Flow-wrapped packaging in clear BOPP bags is an optional extra available on demand.
Fridge magnets
rigid fridge magnets
badge fridge magnets
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