Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks
Shaped magnetic Book marks
Branded Magnetic Bookmarks
Magnetic Bookmarks as wedding favours

Magnetic bookmarks are a great way to market and promote your business. Mango Moon magnetic bookmarks are designed to perfectly fit your branding and can also be changed to suit your business needs.
Having now produced hundreds of thousands of these bookmarks for marketers whose target market include typical book-readers, the branding enjoys longevity from one book to the next.

  • Magnetic bookmarks offer a premium space for optimum branding.
  • Magnetic bookmarks are ideal for mass distribution.
  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any business objective and budget.
  • Offer multiple branding opportunities for your business.
  • The print is high resolution and full colour for clear brand messaging.
  • Few useful branded products offer such longevity at a cost effective product. The unit cost is low and within reach of most budgets, big and small.
  • This product is packed straight into a carton but can easily be individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags.