Magnetic vehicle products

Your personal vehicle or business fleet has the potential to be a moving advertising platform. Mango Moon specialises in Magnetic vehicle products, namely vehicle signage and magnetic license disc holders. With years of proven success in magnetic vehicle products, we can suggest and deliver on your businesses branded campaign needs.

Magnetic Licence Disc Holders

Our magnetic licence discs offer a revolutionary, two-piece, licence disc that solves the on-going problem car owner’s experience, i.e. the sticky glue residue left on windscreens with traditional methods of license renewal.

Magnetic Licence disc holders offer a high resolution, low cost, branded solution to getting your business in consumers vehicles. With a long lifespan and the option of BOPP Flow wrapped packaging, your next promotional campaign will benefit hugely from using magnetic licence disc holders.

Magnetic car signage

Car magnets are quickly becoming a popular way to increase business awareness and opportunity, promote your products and services, improve your image, or simply make a statement like product support or school, sports, club, or church affiliation. We are the wholesale source for all your custom car magnet printing. We have many stock sizes or can do custom sizes and shapes to fit your needs. The best part is unlike vehicle wrapping, having a branded magnetic car product means you save money and can take it off when not needed.

CREATIVE IDEA: Car magnets such as team & flag magnets and magnetic bumper stickers are a great way to raise school / club or team spirit and advertise the organization at the same time.


  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any objective and budget.
  • On the move branding and awareness.
  • High resolution print quality.
  • Outdoor resistant.
  • Low p/unit cost in large volumes.
  • Interchangeable and ideal for small business.
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