Smurfs Apple Promotion

Objective: Increase the sales of apples in Checker’s outlets


One of South Africa’s leading fruit marketing companies ran an exciting, cost-effective children’s promotion to increase apple sales at Checkers’ outlets. The solution was a Smurfs Lucky Pocket inside each apple pack.  This incorporated one piece of a nine-piece Smurf puzzle as well as a Smurf tattoo packed inside a Smurf leaflet and flow-wrapped in a food-friendly cellophane packet. The cost of the 50mm x 50mm magnet puzzle piece and flow wrapping was less than R0.40 per unit. The promotion was supported by fun in-store displays and POS.

The results:

Initially, a million Smurf Lucky Pockets were produced and inserted into apple packs. These were sold out within a few weeks. Another million Lucky Pockets were produced and the stock was again sold out.